ADIBOT UV-C desinfectie robot

ADIBOT UV-C disinfection robot

The ADIBOT-S offers 360-degree radiation coverage with powerful UV-C blue light disinfection. By using eight powerful UV-C lamps, the UV robot has a radiation intensity of 3,160 µW/cm2, which effectively disinfects 99.9 % of rooms. The disinfector can be optimally used in schools, medical facilities, hospitals, dental practices, hotels, offices and fitness centres. .

Innovative offerings for your business

We bring the innovative offerings of global robotics and AI technology company UBTECH to the corporate landscape. Artificial intelligence and robotics are now an integral part of modern society. By making the most of the latest technologies, your business can take the lead in automating quickly and efficiently, saving time and money in the process.  

UV-C disinfection robot

With the new UV-C disinfection robots, we introduce a way to make everyday life not only smarter, but also safer. During the global pandemic, UBTECH developed the ADIBOT, a cost-effective disinfection solution to combat COVID-19 and other pathogens. The ADIBOT provides a solution for safely reopening businesses, organisations and schools by inactivating pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. .

Stationary and stand-alone solutions

The ADIBOT system consists of two UV-C models: the stationary ADIBOT-S model and the autonomous ADIBOT-A model. The stationary ADIBOT-S robot is placed manually in the area to be decontaminated, while the ADIBOT-A robot is an autonomous solution. The ADIBOT-A can be programmed to autonomously read one or more floor plans and navigate autonomously. Both ADIBOT systems offer 360-degree radiation coverage, powerful UV-C disinfection and intelligent safety features.

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