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UBTECH is a global leader in robotics and AI technology. It was launched in 2012 on the back of several breakthroughs in digital servos – the core component that enables the movement of humanoid robots. UBTECH has leveraged its research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing capabilities to bring a range of world-class robots to market.

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ADIBOT Autonomous UV-C disinfection robot
ADIBOT Stationary UV-C desinfection robot

Robots in everyday life

A robot in every home and business? That’s what UBTECH is all about! The company has launched several human robots, AI robots, humanoid consumer robots, service robots for businesses and STEM robots for children at home as well as in the classroom. By integrating intelligent robots into everyday life, UBTECH aims to create a better way of life that supports every stage of life.

UBTECH for your business

As a proud partner of UBTECH, we bring the innovative range of revolutionary UV-C disinfection robots to the corporate landscape. With the new ADIBOT system, your business, organisation or school can safely reopen. Are you ready to revamp your business with the latest robotic technology?

UV-C desinfection robots

UBTECH’s revolutionary robotics and AI technology are not only making life smarter, but also safer. In the fight against the global Covid 19 pandemic, UBTECH has developed the ADIBOT robot. These UV-C disinfection robots are a cost-effective disinfection solution for Covid-19 and other pathogens.

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