UV-C disinfection robot

AADIBOT-A is equipped with SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping). This technology enables the UV robot to autonomously create one or more floor plans and then position itself within them. The disinfector can navigate autonomously, but can also be controlled remotely via a dedicated secure server.

Safety features

ADIBOT-A has intelligent safety features that ensure the smooth running of the programmed disinfection routes. The UV-C disinfection robot is equipped with risk-reducing cameras, PIR sensors to detect human movement via body heat, acoustic warnings, sensor-controlled safety signs and an emergency remote control with stop button and emergency stop switch.

ADIBOT Autonomous UV-C disinfection robot

UV-C disinfection

The ADIBOT system provides 360-degree radiation coverage with powerful UV-C disinfection. The sixteen UV-C lamps with UV-C light deliver a radiation intensity of 1,520 µW/cm2, effectively disinfecting 99.9 % of rooms. The disinfector can be optimally used in schools, medical facilities, hospitals, dental practices, hotels, offices and fitness centres.

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