UV-C disinfection robot

ADIBOT-S is a stationary robot that can be manually moved to the desired area to be disinfected. The UV robot is easy to transport thanks to the lockable omni wheels (all-side wheel) and the long extension cables. The ADIBOT-S model also has several cooling openings and intelligent safety accessories. This disinfector is the optimal solution for mobile disinfection needs.

Mobile integration

The ADIBOT-S’s built-in Wi-Fi allows direct connection to its own app for configuration, analysis and task management. It is also possible to connect several ADIBOT-S disinfection robots in series for simultaneous, multiple blue light disinfection with UV-C light.

ADIBOT Stationary UV-C desinfection robot

Blue-light disinfection

The ADIBOT-S offers 360-degree radiation coverage with powerful UV-C blue light disinfection. By using eight powerful UV-C lamps, the UV robot has a radiation intensity of 3,160 µW/cm2, which effectively disinfects 99.9 % of rooms. The disinfector can be optimally used in schools, medical facilities, hospitals, dental practices, hotels, offices and fitness centres.

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